Tamiya 24277 Xanavi NISMO Z WIP

Subaru WRC

Follow the build-up of the Tamiya Xanavi NISMO Z. You can see the end result in this gallery.


First few steps are done on the chassis. The die cast chassis have the advantage of having no pinhole and being prepaint, making it easier to prepare, but also come with few rough edge that you can't really smooth. The disk brakes are done with the supplied P-E Part and will actually look good once the wheels are on. Scale Motorsport carbon decals are added to the part where the chassis will be visible once the body is on. A good way to get back at MicroSol/Set techniques.

Then I move on the interior. First step is the dashboard. A good practice at carbon fiber. I still have to recover a few skill, but the overall finish is quite satisfying.

I gave the seat a good fabric treatment with a mix of floacking and paint. After 3 coat, the effect is close to reference picture I have.

Interior is done pretty straightforward. Carbon fiber is added to the central console and steering wheel panel.

Body preparation. Some putty to fill the front fenders parts and sanding to remove the molding lines. Ready for paint!

Body is painted. Tamiya White Primer then Tamiya TS8 and TS76 (since silver cover well) I polished a bit too much on certain area, but overall the finish is great.

Decal job is mostly done. Lot of works are done with microsol/set to soften the decals around the rear fenders/door. Next step will be clear coating.

Clear coat and polishing done. I used some ZeroPaint 1k premixed clear from Hiroboy for the first time. This stuff smells, but is great. Easy to work with and give a nice finish. Polishing with some micro-mesh, Tamiya fine compound then the finish compound. Some cleaning must be done, but overall not a bad paint job!

Few more details added. Windows was airbrushed and I used a P/E whipper from another kit. Carbon is applied on the side skirt so is some 0.4mm rivet.

Some works on the tire. Lot of sanding to remove the mold line and give them a used look. I used the P/E template for painting the marking and it worked quite nicely.

The kit is done. You can see more picture in the gallery.