Tamiya 24281 Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo '05 WIP

Subaru WRC

Follow the build-up of the Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo '05. You can see the end result in this gallery.

First step is the chassis assembly. You need to mask half of the rear to paint the part where the exhaust goes. I used Model Master Metalizer lacquer paint for most of the part. The lightest is the "Steel" color and the dark one is "Burnt Iron". All part hare airbrushed.

I used some Carbon Fiber by Scale Motor Sport on parts that ask x18 and on the front.

Since I'm using the Photo etched part set, I had to use other brake disk supplied on the kit. Nothing special here. Used Testor Gold paint (maybe too gold) and ModelMaster Metalizer Steel for the suspension.

The first main part is done. Chassis assembly completed. Most of the parts are airbrushed then detailed with a small brush. The Exhaust is painted with ModelMaster Metalizer "Steel", then detailed with ModelMaster Metalizer "Exhaust" color, witch give a burnt look to it.

The supplied rims and tires are good quality. Rims are already well painted in mat gold, so only detailing is needed. I drilled a small hole in each rims and added a small metal rod to simulate the valve. Sadly, the tires are too low profile to use the stencil supplied with the Photo etched part, so I had to use the decal supplied.

The interior need to be painted flat white. Lot of tricky masking is needed to make a good job. The center is aluminium foil glued with white glue. I give it a texture using a round metal file. The end result isn't that bad and is hard to take it in picture.

The kit don't ask for helmet support, but I choose to use it anyway. The support is painted flat black, then I added some flocking from Detail Master (dark gray) which give it a very accurate texture. Scale MotorSport carbon fiber decal was added on every piece that ask for Tamiya x18 color. Since the helmet aren't meant to be in the kit, I had to use some spare decals to have some sponsor on it. Painted Tamiya Mica Blue.

Dashboard is airbrushed "Dark Ghost gray" from ModelMaster Enamel series. Carbon fiber decals is added on the console. The kit come with decals for switches and buttons. I can't do much for buttons, but for the switches, I have drilled a small hole and added small metal rod, to simulate a real switch. Not the best, but better.

Interior is mainly done. I had to open the seat-belt holes on the seat to use the seat-belt material. Those material aren't very good quality. Tamiya have the thumbs up for giving them, but they don't look very realistic. They are too thin, which make them transparent. On a dark seat, the result is way too dark. The 2 red tank are painted flat red, decal applied then clear coated with Tamiya X22.

Just another picture of the Interior. Some part are carbon fibered and the dashboard is detailed.

Paint on the body is done. 3 coats of Tamiya Mica Blue (TS-50) is applied over white primer. Lightly polished with Tamiya compound (fine)

Decals are applied and clear coated with Testor Gloss. (18xx) ScaleMotorSport Carbon is applied on the front bumper and on the Wing (which is a real pain to do) More than 30 smalls carbon decals was used for the wing alone. Overall, a good paint job.

Another view of the body. Windows Frames and panel lines will fallow.

Assembly is done. Carbon fiber decal is added on the mirror and air intake on the hood.